Apartment Austin Rental TXApartment Austin Rental TXCondo For Sale In Austin TexasCondo For Sale In Austin TexasCondo For Sale In Austin Texas
Condo For Sale In Austin TexasCondo For Sale In Austin TexasCondo For Sale In Austin Texas

Condo For Sale In Austin Texas

Condo For Sale In Austin TexasApartment Listings - Codes

Looking for Texas apartments is easy when you know how to read the "renter's code" book! Narrow a search of Texas apartments by understanding what you are looking for in an apartment and knowing how to read what is being advertised as a vacant apartment that is ready to rent. Can you read the following advertisement for typical Austin rentals?

2BR, GD, Ins, IntC, Micro, Ref, Rng, Sat, Thermo, W-D, WF, Wind, WT, D, F, K, L, S, N, U, and Ng.

You understand how to read the rental advertisements for Austin apartments if you said that this ad meant there is a two bedroom apartment, condo, or townhouse with a garbage disposal, insulation, intercom, microwave, refrigerator, and range/oven. Also included is a satellite dish, thermopanes, washer and dryer, water filter, window treatments, dining room, family room, kitchen, living room, sun room, den, and utility room - the best for last - the rent is negotiable!

Imagine missing Texas apartments that you could negotiate a rental agreement on just because you did not understand the "renters code!" Dream Austin apartments, townhouses, and condominiums are up for grabs in Texas and if you know the code you can break it and find Austin apartment rentals that will knock your socks off. 

Other codes you might need to know when you search for Texas apartments are:

A-W (attic-wall); CA (central air), CF (ceiling fans), CTV (cable television), CV (central vacuum), DF (deep freeze), DO (door opener), DW (dishwasher), EBB (electric baseboard), EFA (electric forced air), FH (fan/hood), GFA (gas forced air HP - heat pump), HTWtr (hot water heat).

Codes that are used to describe what rooms are available in Austin condos, apartments, and townhomes look for these:

A (dining area), C (office), G (great room), O (other room), or R (rec room).

Find more Texas apartments that will meet your specific needs by continuing your search of prop1.com.

Apartment Austin Rental TX


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